About Carl Casale

Carl Casale is a renowned agriculture and venture capital leader, bringing over four decades of in-depth experience to these industries. His background as a fourth-generation farmer enriches his profound understanding of the agricultural sector, harmoniously blended with his extensive corporate expertise. He is celebrated for his strategic insights into ag tech’s role in advancing sustainable food production, positioning him as a respected thought leader.

Current Endeavors

In his current role as a Senior Agricultural Partner in venture capital, he utilizes his vast experience to drive innovation and create opportunities within the agricultural and food industries. He is a pivotal figure at Ospraie Ag Science, part of Ospraie Management, where he focuses on nurturing and steering Ag Tech companies towards success. His leadership has led to investments in nineteen companies, empowering farmers with enhanced efficiency and productivity. Moreover, he chairs the boards of Agragene and Agrospheres and serves on the board of Agricola Cerro Prieto, a prominent agricultural firm in Peru.

Career Milestones: A Legacy in Agribusiness

His professional journey is distinguished by critical roles, notably as CEO and President of CHS, Inc., the giant farmer-owned agribusiness in the U.S., where he achieved substantial revenue growth. His expertise in financial and strategic planning was further demonstrated in his role as CFO at Monsanto Company, where he began as a sales representative and rose to manage the company’s financial strategies.

Philanthropic Ventures

He and his wife Kim founded the One At a Time Foundation, driven by their belief in the transformative power of education. This initiative underscores their commitment to supporting students in achieving their educational aspirations.

Personal Passions

Beyond the boardroom, he and his wife manage a 200-acre blueberry farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, reflecting their dedication to agriculture. Residing in West Saint Paul, Minnesota, he balances his professional life with a deep connection to farming.

His journey exemplifies leadership, innovation, and commitment to agriculture and venture capital. His comprehensive career, philanthropic efforts, and personal engagements paint the picture of an influential leader shaping the future of these crucial sectors. As an esteemed figure, he embodies excellence and dedication, inspiring progress in every endeavor.

Carl Casale


Carl Casale